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Development Engineering Manufacturing
JnC covers the entire product development lifecycle. We transform client's product ideas into products which look good and perform well. Our mechanical engineers in-depth knowledge in the most advanced analysis & tooling techniques and manufacturing processes can integrate effective & competitive components and appealing housings.

"Mechanical Design"

- 3D CAD component and system design.
- System simulation and optimization for thermal, structural, mold flow.
- Full manufacturing ready drawings and 3D data.
- Assembly instructions for mass production.
- Working prototype build.
- Design assessment for manufacturability.
- Product introduction into manufacturing .


JnC offers analysis services to help you obtain significant advantages from simulation technology to assist in your product design process. Our analysis engineers can help accelerate system level decisions and initial design concepts to ensure product robustness from initial stages. Up-front analysis provides the opportunity to detect problems to promote design optimization before tooling investment.
- Structural analysis (FEA)
- Stress & Strain
- Deflection
- Structural integrity
- Thermal analysis
- Heat transfer
- Conduction/ convection/ forced convection
- Mold flow analysis
- Gate locations, Gas trap locations, Weld lines
- Cooling, Deformation