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  Welcome to JnC solution “Helping Clients Create, Design and Manufacture Innovative & competitive Products”  
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Development Engineering Manufacturing
We gather information about client's product requirements and combine the skill of our team into a customized strategic approach tailored to client's unique requirements.

"Industrial Design"

Our goal is to develop a complete product concept that provides client the confidence to push forward.
- Customer Research
- Conceptualization
- Form factor studies and cosmetic sketches, rendering and 3D models.
- Material finish selection.
- Soft mock ups
- Full cosmetic mock ups with final cosmetic finishes.


JnC provides the best technical expertise available to ensure that client's prototype will look and function as close to the real thing as technologically possible.
We have experience and the ability to prototype using:
- Stereo-lithography models.
- Machining of plastic and metal.
- Laser cutting for metal and plastics.
- Anodizing, powder coating and plating.
- Painting and decoration.
- Pad printing and etching.
- Short run metal stamping